Case Session 03: Pericardial Disease (2018)

Recorded during the CMR 2018 Joint EuroCMR/SCMR Meeting.

Course Information
Course Date:
February 01, 2018
A 20 year-old female with chest pain, pericardial effusion and pericardial mass.
Speaker Information
Arlene Sirajuddin
A Cardiac Mass Missed on CT and Echocardiography: The Added Value of CMR
Speaker Information
Akhil Narang
Complex pericardial cyst and congestive hepatopathy: The role of cardiac MRI with pathologic validation
Speaker Information
Vinh Nguyen
Pericardial constriction - how good is CMR at confirming the diagnosis?
Speaker Information
Robert Biederman
Primary pericardial hydatidosis (Echinocococcosis): a great mimicker.
Speaker Information
Manphool Singhal
Recurrent chest pain following surgical repair of cor triatriatum in a young teenager
Speaker Information
Rukmini Komarlu
Tuberculous Pericarditis. From overt pathology to healing. Insights from CMR
Speaker Information
Enric Cascos-garcia
Unusual Cause of Chest Pain
Speaker Information
Tatiana Stipalova
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