Oral Abstract Session 04: Early Career Awards 3: Basic Science (2018)

Recorded during the CMR 2018 Joint EuroCMR/SCMR Meeting.

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February 01, 2018
A quantitative comparison of navigator-gated Cartesian and self-navigated radial free-breathing 3D bSSFP whole-heart coronary MRA
Speaker Information
John Heerfordt
Convolutional recurrent neural networks for dynamic cardiac MR image reconstruction
Speaker Information
Chen Qin
Four-minute whole-heart coronary MRA with sub-millimeter isotropic resolution and 100% respiratory scan efficiency
Speaker Information
Aurelien Bustin
Free-breathing cine DENSE using phase-cycling with matchmaking and stimulated-echo image-based navigators
Speaker Information
Xiaoying Cai
Staging reperfused myocardial infarctions with T2 CMR: insights into the dependence on infarction type with ex-vivo validation
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Hsin-Jung Yang
The dependence of fatty remodeling of infarct territories on iron remnants from acute myocardial infarctions: a serial CMR study
Speaker Information
Xingmin Guan
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