Technical - Emerging CMR Methods - Acquisition & Reconstruction

Recorded during the SCMR 2021 Scientific Sessions


S. Vasanawala

F. Epstein

T. Leiner

D. Li


H. Haji-valizadeh

J. Oscanoa

SW. Chieh

C. Sun

G. Abdula

H. Hasaneen

Course Information
Course Date:
February 19, 2021
AI and Machine Learning in CMR Image Reconstruction
What Will It Take For Me To Adopt Your New AI and Machine Learning Method
Highly Accelerated Free-Breathing Real-time Phase Contrast Cardiovascular MRI via Complex-Difference Deep Learning
Accelerated 2D Phase Contrast MRI using deep learning-based reconstruction and direct complex difference estimation
Self-calibrated 3D radial GRAPPA for whole-heart imaging
Slice low-rank plus SPARSE (slice-L+S) outperforms slice-SPARSE-SENSE and sequential operations for reconstruction of k-t undersampled multiband first-pass myocardial perfusion MRI
Estimating mean pulmonary artery pressure by CMR 4D flow analysis using compressed sensing has preserved excellent accuracy and reduces mean scan time from 9 minutes to under 2 minutes
Quantitative assessment of Simultaneous Multi Slice balanced steady state free precession (SMS-bSSFP) dual bolus first pass pulmonary perfusion imaging in pulmonary hypertension
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