Technical - Interventional CMR

Recorded during the SCMR 2021 Scientific Sessions


K. Ratnayaka

A. Campbell-Washburn

T. Deneke

J. Greer

M. Nieves Velasco Forte

D. Yildirim

E. Schmidt

V. Shusterman

D. Herzka

P. Krahn

Course Information
Course Date:
February 19, 2021
Routine Clinical Atrial Flutter Ablations
How We Use Real-Time MRI
MRI Right AND Left Heart Catheterizations in Congenital Heart Diseaes
Towards a Clinical Grade Active Guidewire
MRI-conditional Reduced Pain external Defibrillation (RPD). System construct and Swine testing.
The Safety of External Cardiac Defibrillation inside the Magnet Bore: Patterns and Features of Mechanical Forces
Native Contrast Visualization of Myocardial Radiofrequency Ablation and Acetic Acid Chemoablation Lesions at 0.55 T
Native T1w MRI Visualizes Patterns of RF Lesions in MRI-Defined Arrhythmia Substrate Targeted Using a State of the Art EP System in a Pre-Clinical Chronic Infarct Model
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