Technical - Emerging CMR Methods - Tissue Characterization

Recorded during the SCMR 2021 Scientific Sessions


S. Piechnik

G. Captur

A. Christodoulou

JP. Carpenter

P. Kellman

A. Bustin

I. Hermann

J. Tourais

X. Mao

Course Information
Course Date:
February 20, 2021
Multi-Dimensional Parametric Mapping
How Is Parametric Mapping Used at My Institution?
Bright-blood and dark-blood PSIR LGE and T1 and T2 maps in a single free-breathing scan improves visualization of subendocardial MI: An all-in-one approach
Endogenous assessment of myocardial injury with single-shot non-rigid motion-corrected adiabatic T1 rho mapping
Joint quantification of T1, T2 and T2* during free breathing in the myocardium
Reproducibility and Accuracy of 2D High Resolution Myocardial TRAFF2
3D Free-Breathing, Non-ECG, T1-T2-B1+ Mapping and Cine Imaging with Cardiac MR Multitasking
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