Siemens Healthineers - Novel insights into MINOCA and INOCA: Resolving diagnostic dilemmas

This webinar took place on July 21, 2021. It features presentations by Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, MD and Colin Berry, MD as well as a Q&A at the end of the presentations

Topics Include:

  • Novel insights into myocardial infarction & unobstructed coronary arteries (MINOCA)
  • Definition and recommendations regarding MINOCA
  • Mycardial tissue characterisation
  • Patterns of recognition
  • Case examples
  • Imaging strategies to disagnose INOCA in patients with chronic ischemia
  • Defining INOCA
  • Non-invasive imaging strategies
  • Conclusions



Course Information
Course Date:
July 21, 2021
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This course is presented free of charge.