SCMR Introductory Course in CMR

Welcome to the SCMR Introductory Course in CMR!

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This course is designed to cover theory, knowledge and some of the skills required for core training in CMR. The course takes approximately 10 hours to complete and is split into 10 topics. There is a strong interactive component, with questions at the end of each topic, as well as lots of case reviews along the way.

The course is not designed to replicate the practical aspects of scan acquisition and live reporting that can only be gained from working in a CMR department. The course will, however, provide you with 10 hours of theoretical and case-based learning, and contribute 35 online cases towards level I, II or III certificate.


If you are enrolled in the course via SCMR, a certificate will be provided at the end. Non-members will need to sign-up as a guest to complete.


Please access "Resources" to review materials for each topic. After reviewing the materials, access and complete the quiz for each topic. After completing the quiz for Chapter 10, please click "Submit Credit" to receive your certificate of achievement.


Thanks to WebPAX for providing imaging software, and to the Heart hospital and the British Society of CMR for course content.

Certificate of Achievement

If you have >60% in all sections, and >70% overall and finished the feedback, you can print out your official certificate to count towards level I, II, or III training. You can repeat sections to improve your mark. Over 80% is good; over 90% is excellent.

Credits / Acknowledgements 

1. This course was originally conceived and written by Prof James Moon, Dr Andrew Flett and Dr Christopher Cook (London/UK).

2. 2017 update performed by Vanessa Ferreira (University of Oxford, UK), Ananth Kidambi (Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Leeds University, UK), Rohan Wijesurendra (University of Oxford, UK), Pankaj Garg (Leeds Teaching Hospitals and Leeds University, UK), and Thomas Treibel (Barts Heart Centre and University College London, UK).

3. Content has been reviewed and endorsed by the SCMR Education Committee.

Course Information
Course Date:
January 01, 2018
Chapter 3 - Basic Techniques: Volumes and Function

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Chapter 1 - MRI Safety 1

This lesson aims to explain the basics of MRI safety.




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Chapter 2 - MRI Safety 2

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Chapter 4 - Basic MRI Physics Principles

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Chapter 5 - Aortopathy and Valve Disease
Chapter 6 - CMR Tissue Characterization
Chapter 7 - Coronary Artery Disease: Myocardial Infarction, Viability Assessment and Ischemia Testing
Chapter 8 - Cardiomyopathies and Myocarditis
Chapter 9 - Diseases of the Pericardium and Tumours
Chapter 10 - Introduction to Congenital Heart Disease
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Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of Achievement: 10.00